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Last Updated: April 11 2015
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Rhapsody Blind Multi-Languages

Rhapsody Blind is now translated into spanish and french. A very much thanks to Rémy Ruiz

What do JAWS scripts for Rhapsody Blind do?

Hello, my name is John Martyn and I am 100% blind. I lost my vision in August 2008 and in less than two years I developed Rhapsody Blind, a JFW (JAWS for Windows ) script, that enables the visually impaired to access the popular music subscription service, Rhapsody. Rhapsody accessibility was a difficult task to overcome and it was also a learning experience for me. I had to learn the language so it took a lot of time. Rhapsody for the blind and visually impaired wasn't finished for 9 months and took a few more months to make it accessible as much as possible, which turned out to be a lot. This experience left me to go after more music programs for the blind. Hence iTunes spotify, and sound taxi.
It incorporates a Task flow system to give the user a rich and pleasant experience while keeping complicated tasks simple. Rhapsody Blind makes your music experience more about the music and less about the navigation. Now you can use your favorite music program blind.
For those who are not familiar with Rhapsody, it is an online database of over 10+ million songs that you can have unlimited access to. For only $9.99 a month, you can listen to all the music you want without paying for tracks.
Attention: If you are interested in Rhapsody, Check out my Blind Tunes scripts for iTunes. Blind Tunes Website
It is easier to hear what the Rhapsody Blind script can do,rather than explain it, so I created an audio demo of Rhapsody Blind in action. The demonstration does not cover all aspects of the JAWS script, but you will have a better idea of how amazing this really is.
Click here for the Rhapsody Blind 6 scripts for JAWS 15 and up
Click here to hear an audio tour of Rhapsody Blind for Rhapsody 4, Jaws 14 and below - Length 27 Minutes.
Click here to hear the American Counsel for the Blind Mainstream Radio Interview about Rhapsody Blind
Click here to find out more about what features RhapsodyBlind has to offer

Download Instructions

You will find a linkk to the Rhapsody program and a separate download for the Rhapsody Blind setup.
RhapsodyBlind is protected under: Creative Commons Licensing.
Don't forget to visit Sound Taxi Blind for a wonderful music download converter to upload any music to your favorite blind accessible MP3 device.
Once both programs are installed and Rhapsody is running, press Control + Shift + G to start the RhapsodyBlind guide.
Click here for Version Releases and Bug Fixes
To purchase the software, install the scripts, open the program and follow the registration instructions.
Download Rhapsody 6 here
Click here for the Rhapsody Blind 6 scripts version 4.7.0 for JAWS 15 and up
Click here for the zip version
download Rhapsody Blind 3.1.5
download Rhapsody Blind in Zip format
Click here for the Rhapsody Music program, use H to jump to the download.
Click here to download the older version of Rhapsody

Software Features

The script makes it easy to remember how to perform tasks without needing to memorize a long list of shortcuts. With the quick key menu, it performs the task for you and helps you to remember common keys. The keyboard interface is easy to follow and very user intuitive. Here is a short list of features you can access:
  • Search online through a collection of 10+ million songs
  • Download or purchase music
  • Access your iTunes library and search through your existing collection
  • Burn existing and new music to disc
  • Create and access unlimited playlists
  • Rearrange your playlist tracks and burn queue
  • Restore music library, playlist, or mixer positions
  • Task switch between programs without losing your place
  • Drag and Drop songs or albums
  • Transfer on the go music to an approved mp3 device
  • Listen to a customizable list of radio channels
  • Fast forward and rewind with basic controls
  • Quickly follow currently playing music in the Music Guide
RhapsodyBlind is very stable and has a number of features to make listening to music and creating customized playlists easy to do. If you use any of the basic controls, such as fast forward, it returns you back to the song you had selected in a list. Also, when you drag and drop an item, it returns you back to wherever you were in the program. Another great feature is when task switching programs, you may continue up and down the lists you were browsing and keep searching through music seemlessly. This makes it simple to continue your tasks without reaccessing the window you were in. The guides will really help you get started and used to the flow of the program.
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Using Rhapsody with a Mobile Device

With an iTouch or iPhone, you can transfer your playlists to the device to play them without an internet connection and without paying for music. The device does not connect directly to the Rhapsody application, but rather goes online with the iTunes store Rhapsody app to access the content. You do not need an on the go, Rhapsody Premium Plus account, to download this content. On the go is for devices that connect directly to the application on the PC. iTouch and iPhone are not directly supported on the PC application. That is why you must use the iTunes store app to access the content. The iTouch and iPhone are blind accessible with voice over. To take advantage of this, your device must have I,O,S, 4, the platform of the device, and iTouch must be 3rd or 4th generation. You will need an Apple ID and a credit card to allow you to download the iTunes store app for Rhapsody. Your card will not be charged, but this is how they keep track of downloading applications for the device. It is easiest to fill out the information online instead of on the device. Once you have filled out an account, you must go to the iTunes store, click on account, and fill out the credit card info. You will need to fill out a couple fields on the device once you try to download the application. This process is somewhat tricky, so it is best to have someone that can assist you through the process. Once this is accomplished, using the Rhapsody app is quite simple.

The script does allow you to transfer songs to the devices that connect directly to the PC application, However there are no devices that can talk that are supported. You might be able to use a device without a display, but it would have to be a Rhapsody supported device. As of now, there are no such devices without a display.
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Compatibility and Requirements

Rhapsody Blind has been tested and approved by the National Federation of the Blind. This script successfully tested with the following platforms and versions:
  • JAWS for Windows 11through 15
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 - 32 and 64 bit
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Change Log, Updates, Upgrades, and Bug Fixes

Rhapsody 4.6.0 Fixes and upgrades
  • Fixed play pause fast forward, rewind, next track, prior track to return you to the last object.
  • Fixed the accessibility of albums and radio stations.
  • Changed navigation methods
Rhapsody Blind 3.1.5 Bug fixs
  • Conformed to FS coding practices.
  • Fixed the update on startup to not run because of some computers locking up.
Rhapsody Blind 3.1.3 Updates
  • Added Windows 8 support
  • Added support for dialogs and controls within them
  • Added the jaws keys for laptops to repeat information
Rhapsody Blind 3.1.1 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the script to properly check for updates.
Rhapsody Blind 3.0.8 Bug fixes
  • Fixed Rhapsody Blind updater to keep scripts current.
  • Fixed graphics from being spoken.
  • Added and update Rhapsody Blind shortcut to the quick keys menu.
  • Fixed the registration page to correctly register Rhapsody.
  • Fixed an issue when tracks are not being spoken in the correct order by adding a slight pause.

Rhapsody Blind 3.0.4 Bug fix
  • Fixed strange behavior in the guides not reading all the information

Rhapsody Blind 3.0.3 Bug Fix
  • Fixed automatic download issue with Windows 7 systems

Rhapsody Blind 3.0.2 Tracking
  • Updated tracking system to know how many users there are

Rhapsody Blind 3.0.1 Upgrade
  • Script now automatically checks for the latest version and downloades it for you

Rhapsody Blind 3.0 Complete Overhaul
  • Completely reworked Rhapsody Blind to be faster and more efficient in accessing all your music
  • Translated Rhapsody Blind into Spanish and French
  • Fixed many focus issues and improved the music library sorting
  • Improved speed of scrolling through lists and dragging songs around
  • Created an audio splash message courtesy of Erica Watson

RhapsodyBlind 2.0 Bug fixes and updates
  • Insert+Q tells version information
  • Fixed JAWS 13 compatibility
  • Fixed some stability issues accessing the music guide
  • created a tracking database for monitoring program use

Rhapsody Blind 1.84 Bug Fix
  • Fixed bug that doesn't allow access to the music guide and make searches

Rhapsody Blind 1.83 Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Added Home, End, Left, Right, Del, and Backspace keys to the music library search field emulating the PC cursor.
  • Added Del and Backspace keys to Edit fields scattered across the application
  • Fixed access bug to Music Library, Added checks to ensure loading, and added to the list of Known Issues

Rhapsody Blind 1.80 Bug Fixes, Improvements, and Addition
  • Revamped the focus changed event to properly read all dialog alerts and dialog windows automatically
  • Added support for the equalizer changing presets, manually adjusting sliders, and resetting to defaults
  • Fixed adding music to music library windows to read properly
  • Improved ability to edit preferences in the Rhapsody menu
  • Fixed accessibility to track tag editing and reads only relevant information
  • Fixed navigation when in an edit field. Home, end, and next and prior word works.
  • Added more window checks if a wrong shortcut is pressed
  • Provided greater control when navigating Rhapsody Blind guides with home, end, page up and down, top and bottom of page.
  • Enabled Top and bottom of list commands in a dialog list
  • Added to the list of known issues for the music guide losing focus and found a workaround.
  • Updated Special Thanks to, quick key shortcut menu, and Rhapsody Blind guides

Rhapsody Blind 1.63 Improvements and Bug fix
  • Modified Home key to move to the top of the window in a list
  • Modified End key to move to the bottom of a window in a list
  • Modified Control + Home to move to the top item in a list
  • Modified Control + End to move to the bottom item in a list
  • Added search categories to the music library using the Tab key
  • Fixed bug that repeated every item in a list
  • Updated Guides and Quick key menu for new keys

Rhapsody Blind 1.58 Bug Fix
  • Fixed bug in music library to select the first track upon access

Rhapsody Blind 1.57 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the JAWS Key + F to properly find text in the music guide and announce the found links
  • Fixed Links list dialog to work properly

Rhapsody Blind 1.55 Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed bug in radio stations selecting the correct channel, but plays the wrong one. Now tells you if it couldn't find the channel.
  • Improved rhapsody menu functionality
  • Automatically checks if you have a list open when accessing other windows.
  • Automatically exits context menus when accessing other windows
  • Automatically highlights the first item in a context menu
  • Automatically reads pop up dialog boxes and windows as well as reads buttons. You can also invoke the last dialog text with Control + Shift + I
  • Fixed bug when dragging tracks from the music guide to a long list of playlists and selecting the last playlist.
  • Improved the music library response time when scrolling through tracks
  • Updated guides to include the auto suggestion for the music guide.

Rhapsody Blind 1.47 Improvements
  • Silenced the window changed event to not announce every window accessed
  • Allowed for next and prior word in Music Guide instead of fast forward and rewind

Rhapsody Blind 1.46 Bug Fix
  • Fixed problematic bug in login messages to reflect correct status with username accounts

Rhapsody Blind 1.45 Bug Fixes and New Feature
  • Fixed loading message from repeating when you task switch back to Rhapsody
  • Fixed Login message to announce the correct login account if successfully signed in
  • Fixed another Radio station bug not selecting the channel.
  • Added JAWS Find to the Music Guide with JAWSKey + F
  • Updated guides to reflect new feature and added the shortcut to the quick key menu
  • Added a Special Thanks section to the Rhapsody Blind guides.

Rhapsody Blind 1.4 Bug Fixes and Improvement
  • Changed Drag and Drop Shortcut to Control + Shift + D
  • Fixed bug in Radio Stations list to correctly find channel
  • Fixed bug when clearing the mixer or burn queue to default back to the first track in the list
  • Updated user guide section to reflect new changes

Rhapsody Blind 1.37 Adaptation
  • Changed the Home key in a list to scroll to the first track instead of just the first page
  • Changed the End key in a list to scroll to the last track instead of just the last page

Rhapsody Blind 1.35 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Rhapsody main menu to read column headers
  • Fixed bug in Radio Stations not selecting channel
  • Fixed signing in status

Rhapsody Blind 1.32 Bug Fix
  • Enabled Home, End, Page Up, and Page Down keys to work in Music Guide

Rhapsody Blind 1.31 Added Ability
  • Added checking user email at login

Rhapsody 1.3 Added Feature
  • Created program start checker to alert when application is loaded or ready

Rhapsody Blind 1.23 Bug Fixes
  • Changed say last current song in a list key, used JAWSKey + rightarrow instead of JAWSKey + uparrow, to allow reading current line in Music Guide
  • Changed Say current title, next song, to only reading if information is available
  • Changed current title to say unknown because it is impossible to read.
  • Updated navigation techniques in the search for music guide

Rhapsody Blind 1.2 Added feature
  • Added Follow the music quick listing in Music Guide

Rhapsody Blind 1.1 Added feature
  • Added My Channels Radio Stations

Rhapsody Blind 1.01 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed right click contextual menu
  • Fixed Rhapsody Blind guide disappearing when navigating manually
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